Monday, May 24, 2010

Kitchener ON

Our first stop in Kitchener was to locate The Path to Power. We didn't find it.

After traipsing through soggy trails in Stratford, New Hamburg and Kitchener, we were wet, hungry and tired. We had to find a department store to buy Hal an extra pair of shoes because he forgot to pack a spare pair . . . I had THREE pairs of shoes . . . LOL . . .

We spent the night at Laurel Creek Conservation Area, woke at the crack of dawn and headed back out on the trail. We tried The Path to Power again just in case. We just assumed that we were too wet, tired and hungry to do a good job at searching the night before. When I went to post my attempt on Atlas Quest today I saw that the box status had been changed to unavailable.

**Spoiler Alert** Our next stop was at the Huron Natural Area in Kitchener. WOW!! What a beautiful walk. We located Sugar Rush but unfortunately Kitchener's Kettles appears to be missing. The tree mentioned in the clues was badly damaged; the back of it had broken away.