Monday, May 24, 2010

Guelph ON

Next stop was to the beautiful Royal City. We haven't been in Guelph since Box ON! 2008. Our first stop was to try A Gift. We figured out all the clues and located the hiding spot, but we couldn't get at the box. Some darn young couple had plopped themselves on a blanket within feet of where we needed to be and started kissin'. We waited for while but apparently they were enjoying themselves, so we decided to go for supper and find a couple of boxes and then come back and try again.

Wow, Riverside Park is very popular. We really enjoyed our picnic supper there. Not so much fun when we went looking for a couple of boxes though. Both Fun at Riverside boxes were gone. We did find an empty case of beer where Toot Toot should have been and we found scattered bark and twigs where Flying Horses had been hiding. Don't worry. We never say quit . . . LOL . . .

We went back to try A Gift again. The same couple was still at it . . . now that's staying power . . .

It would soon be dark so we figured we'd better start looking for a place to park for the night. And why not letterbox on the way? First we tried Walk a Mile #1: Home Sweet Home without success. I think we were at the right place but there was no sign of the trees described and no sign of a letterbox.

We did find Walk a Mile #2: Coffee Break. It was in pretty bad shape but the stamp and ink were fine. We replanted between 2 logs by the stump described in the clue. The owner will have to do some maintenance because we were only able to do a temporary fix with a plastic box and zip loc bag and index cards. We did rescue the log book, take it apart and dry it out.

We had hoped to stay at the rest area where we found Walk a Mile #2 Coffee Break but there were signs up prohibiting overnight parking so we had to move on.