Wednesday, August 18, 2021

A Taste of Canada ~ Lobster Guedille

I do love a good lobster roll.  Not surprising the best guedille I've tasted have been on the east coast.  When I was preparing for our East Coast driving tour in 2019 I learned that the general store at Wreck Cove had the best lobster roll.  It really was good.

We were back in Nova Scotia for an a week of R&R in Mahone Bay this past July. My niece-in-law's "fadder" is a fisherman in Newfoundland and he sent along 2 jars of salt-"brined" lobster. fresh from the sea.  We had no buns left but that didn't stop us from enjoying our lunch and stinking up (my husband's opinion) the whole cottage . . . LOL.

That's my nephew, who is serving in the Navy, in the background.

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