Sunday, January 3, 2021

Canadian Music ~ Ana Egge

Ana G. Egge (born September 20, 1976, in Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada)[1] is a Canadian/American musician and songwriter.  Egge grew up the daughter of a teacher and a wheat farmer in Ambrose, North Dakota, and later moved to Silver City, New Mexico. She spent some of her childhood traveling back and forth from North Dakota to a hot springs commune in New Mexico.  When Egge was 16 years old, she began a one-year apprenticeship with luthier Don Musser, to build her own guitar which she still plays exclusively.  She currently lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Ana Egge (1994) -EP Grace Records
River Under the Road (1997) Lazy S.O.B.
Mile Marker (1999) Grace Records/Parkinsong
101 Sundays (2000) Sodarock/Grace Records
Out Past the Lights (2004) Grace Records/Parkinsong
Lazy Days (2007) Grace Records/Parkinsong
Road to My Love (2009) Grace Records/Parkinsong
Bad Blood (2011) Ammal Records
Bright Shadow (2015) Grace Records/Parkinsong
Say That Now with The Sentimentals (2016) Grace Records/Sentimental Music
We Are One (2018) single – StorySound Records
White Tiger (2018) StorySound Records
Is It The Kiss (2019) StorySound Records
We Are One (2019) live single feat. The Brooklyn Unitarian Choir – StorySound Records

Forever Dusty – A Tribute to Dusty Springfield (1998): "Breakfast in Bed"
38 Songs of Hope – Parkingsong (2004): "Wedding Dress"'
My Old Man: A Tribute to Steve Goodman (2006): "Old Fashioned Girl"'

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