Friday, December 27, 2019

Ladies Night Journal Prompt 27 Dec 2019 ~ Nicknames

Today's Prompt:  Nicknames

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Nicknames people have called you that did not offend you.

My favourite nickname is Pam which is derived from the initials of my real name.  I don't really like my real name.

Try the Nickname Generator

Antic Anne

Alliterative Nicknames

Artistic Anne
Artful Anne
Autodidactic Anne
Anne the Admirer
Anne the Artistique
Anne the Achiever
Antic Anne
Anne the Alter Ego
Prankish Phyllis
Adventurous Anne
Artsy Anne
Amusing Anne
Playful Phyllis
Annoying Anne
Anne the Addict
Adorable Anne

Descriptive Nicknames

Phyllis the Commercial Art
Curatorial Phyllis
Conceptual Phyllis
Phyllis the Body Of Work
Phyllis the Creator
Constructive Phyllis
Experiential Phyllis
Creative Phyllis
Phyllis the Collaborative
Edgy Phyllis
Phyllis the Cherry
Phyllis the Boyish
Campy Phyllis
Childlike Phyllis
Charming Phyllis
Phyllis the Fool
Cockamamie Phyllis
Phyllis the Cocky
Cheesy Phyllis
Phyllis the Droll
Phyllis the Backslapper
Phyllis the Cerebrotonic
Phyllis the Charmer
Equanimous Phyllis
Introvert Phyllis
Laidback Phyllis
Introversive Phyllis
Phyllis the Braggart
Introvertive Phyllis
Phyllis the Casanova

Ironic Nicknames

Uncreative Phyllis

Rhyming Nicknames

Phyllis the Amaryllis
Matthews the Mathews
Agilis Phyllis
Scan Anne
Phyllis the Bacillus
Anne the Man
Ban Anne
Deadpan Anne
Anne the Plan
Tan Anne
Can Anne

Initial-Based Nicknames


Computer Generator Slang


Known to Partner As

Creative Baby
Goofy Chip
Introvert Muffin
Phyllis Bear

The Bob Suffix


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