Sunday, October 27, 2019

Movie Review ~ Keeping Mum (2005)

I have loved Maggie Smith since I first saw her in The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (1969).  She is one of my favourite actors of all time.  In Keeping Mum (2005), Dame Smith has the opportunity to play a fabulously quirky character, the new housekeeper.  You may find it hard to believe that she is a cheerful serial killer, but she plays the part perfectly.  You will find yourself cheering for her by the end, I promise.

Rowan Atkinson plays an adorable but absentminded vicar in a village called Little Wallop.  One of the many things he has forgotten is to pay attention to his wife, played by Kristin Scott Thomas, so his wife decides to have a fling with her golf pro, played by Patrick Swayze.  Swayze is hysterically funny as he plays his part in the broadest possible way.  You actually feel that if you touch him you'll find his skin is slimy.  The daughter is a nymphomaniac with really poor choices in boyfriends and their son is a nervous lad who is constantly bullied at school.

The new housekeeper, Grace, arrives on the scene and problems just seem to be solved almost like miracles.  What the family doesn't know is that their housekeeper is solving their problems by eliminating the people who cause them.

I'm saving some surprises for you to see when you watch this movie.

Funny, funny, funny . . .

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