Thursday, September 26, 2019

Journal Prompt 26 Sep 2019 ~ Best Movie

Today's Writing Prompt: Best Movie

Continuing our theme, how about the best movie you have seen recently? What made it so good?

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Call me crazy but I loved The Angriest Man in Brooklyn, Robin Williams' last movie to be released before he died.  As Henry Altmann, his anger and frustration with the world as a result of his son's death is heart-breaking.  Altmann's alienation from his wife and younger son is just some of the collateral damage caused by his anger.

And then a young doctor, pushed to her limits by his anger, brutally tells him that he has a brain aneurism and that he has 90 minutes to live.  Altmann attempts to make amends with all the people he has loved and hurt but is initially rebuffed.  The young doctor, played by Mila Kunis, regretting her own horrible behaviour, is always just one step behind as she tries to find Altmann.  

The ending is beautifully poignant.  I am so glad we watched this movie.

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