Saturday, August 31, 2019

Day 11 ~ If I'd know just how beautiful PEI was I would have scheduled more time into our itinerary.

Day 10 of our East coast road trip was spent exploring Prince Edward Island and beginning our trip home.

We had a lovely continental breakfast in the motel's lounge in the morning, packed up the car, and headed out for a day of adventures.

These photos were taken at Confederation Landing Park in Charlottetown.


Beaconsfield Historic House is incredibly beautiful Victorian home.  We took our time strolling through the house and taking tons of photos of all the details which made the home so special.

I purchased the pattern for a 1700s sampler in the gift shop.  I'm looking forward to making this sampler.

I loved reading Anne of Green Gables but have never really paid much notice to all the movies, TV shows, and books about Anne.  It was a letterbox that made Green Gables Heritage Place a necessary stop.  And I'm glad we did.  The property is quite beautiful.  There was some construction going on at the front of the property when we were there but it was easy to ignore.

My favourite stop of the day was to the Moth Lane Brewery near Ellerslie.  I knew we were going to love this place when we drove down the lane and these signs encouraged us onward.

I believe they had 10 or 11 different beers from very light to very dark on tap with wonderful names for each one ~ Storm Tide, Brown Eyed Girl, Red Dirt Road, The Answer, Oyster Thief, Motor Boater and Dragn Anchor..  At least one of us enjoyed each of the beers except for one.  I can't remember the name but it had a grapefruit aftertaste even though it had no grapefruit in it.  I'm a light weight when it comes to drinking so happily I wasn't the driver . . . LOL.  Just a hint -- it's cash only.

FYI -- Apparently Moth Lane opened a pub serving barbecue on the second floor.  I bet that would be awesome.  Another excuse to return to PEI.

The folks at Moth Lane recommended a nearby place for a good lunch (since they didn't serve food themselves at the time).  I'm glad we listened.

Freeland Dining and Gas Stop (9552 PE-12, Ellerslie) is a Vietnamese and Canadian restaurant and, like many business we saw on our travels, is also a gas station and variety store.  The owner was so friendly and sweet and the cook was also a lot of fun.  I had the stir fried noodles which were delicious with just enough heat to make life interesting.  Hal couldn't finish the huge burger and fries he'd ordered. 

Our last stop before leaving the Island was the Canadian Potato Museum in O'Leary.  I didn't know if I would find a potato museum very interesting but I knew I had to get a photo of the giant potato out front.  Turns out potato museums are very interesting.  Did you know that potatoes originated in South America? 

It was time to leave Prince Edward Island if we were going to make it to our motel in Moncton before dark.  We crossed the Confederation Bridge which is 12,900 m long and took 4 years to build.  It is the longest bridge over ice-covered waters in the world.  I'm glad there was no ice cover this particular day.

It would have been a shame to be on the north shore of New Brunswick without stopping to say hi to the Giant Lobster . . . so we did.

When we arrived at Moncton, we stopped to pick up St. Hubert Chicken and salads and then checked into the Motel 6 (again).