Monday, July 2, 2018

What's your favourite campfire food?

The best part about my recent visit to Windswept Retreat House was the campfire.  I've been going for so many years but this is the first year we actually had campfires..  The top reason was Gwen who is a Guide leader and master campfire and cooking fire builder.

In March we had an impromptu campfire and sat out under the stars just relaxing.  But on our June visit, Gwen was prepared.  Breakfast was french toasts stuffed with cream cheese and peaches and cooked in pie irons in the coals.  Delicious!

That evening we stirred up to coals and made double-stuffed s'mores and banana boats.  I'd never heard of a banana boat but next time we go I'm having one.  Banana boats are unpeeled bananas, sliced almost in half, stuffed with marshmallow and chocolate, wrapped in foil, and then cooked in the coals.  I had a bite of Amanda's and it was amazing!

So what is your favourite campfire food?

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