Monday, October 19, 2015

Tecumseh Monument, Thamesville, ON


Born in a Shawnee village in what is now Ohio, Tecumseh became in the 1790s co-leader with his brother, the prophet of a movement to restore and preserve traditional Indian values. He believed a union of all the western tribes to drive back white settlement to be the one hope for Indian survival and spread this idea the length of the frontier. Seeing the Americans as the immediate threat, he allied himself with the British in 1812, assisted in the capture of Detroit and was killed near here at the Battle of the Thames on 5 October 1813, while retreating with General Procter from Amherstburg.

(from a sign at the monument)

This site commemorates the Battle of the Thames and the death of the great Chief Tecumseh. Tecumseh’s death represented the loss of a dream for First Nations people. Although a monument is present across from the battlefield near Thamesville the location of his burial remains one of the great mysteries of the last two centuries.


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