Tuesday, October 20, 2015

My Fair Lady (1964)

A while back I took a "quiz" on Facebook to determine how many of the top 250 movies of all time. I had actually seen. I scored 100 out of the 250 movies that were listed. If I was unsure about seeing a movie I didn't check it off so my score could possibly be much higher.

And then I started thinking that perhaps instead of binge watching old TV series I should binge watch movies. I decided just to take on the top 100 movies for a starter. Now I'm very sure I am going to agree with quite a few of the entries on this list but I already know I'm going to argue about a few as well.

So here is #61 of the top 100 Movies of all time according to IMDB:

My Fair Lady (1964)

I love this movie.  I don't even know how many times I've seen it now.

Rex Harrison and Audrey Hepburn are awesome in their parts.  Harrison plays a snobbish proffessor who accepts a wager that he can turn a flower girl, Hepburn, into a lady who would fit in to high society.

Academy Awards, USA 1965

Best Picture
Jack L. Warner 
Best Actor in a Leading Role
Rex Harrison
Rex Harrison dedicated his Oscar to "two fair ladies": Julie Andrews andAudrey Hepburn.
Best Director
George Cukor 
Best Cinematography, Color
Harry Stradling Sr. 
Best Art Direction-Set Decoration, Color
Gene Allen
Cecil Beaton
George James Hopkins 
Best Costume Design, Color
Cecil Beaton 
Best Sound
George Groves (Warner Bros. SSD) 
Best Music, Scoring of Music, Adaptation or Treatment
André Previn 
Best Actor in a Supporting Role
Stanley Holloway 
Best Actress in a Supporting Role
Gladys Cooper 
Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material from Another Medium
Alan Jay Lerner 
Best Film Editing

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