Saturday, October 3, 2015

Getting out of the house . . .

Hi.  This is me.  I'm filling out a geocaching log.  We found the geocache by accident while out enjoying one of my favourite hobbies.  I bet you thought I'd be scrapbooking . . . but in reality Letterboxing is my favourite.  I like carving.  I love the art.  We have to solve clues.  These clues lead us to some pretty awesome places.  I've lost track of the places I would never have seen if it weren't for letterboxing.  I have letterboxed in all four seasons but fall is my favourite.  Want to learn more?

I've tried geocaching.  I even got a handheld gps for Christmas.  It is fun.  But not as much fun as letterboxing.  Want to learn more?  

Looking for something fun to do that takes you out of the house and into the world . . . try one of these hobbies.

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