Friday, September 25, 2015



Today's Writing Prompt: Awkward

I had a really awkward moment with someone this week.  Today, especially with Thanksgiving and family holidays coming up, tell me about any awkward encounters of your own.

My biggest social faux pas is that I cannot remember names.  I remember faces . . . usually.  But not names.  

The dumbest flub is that I have 3 friends -- Krystel, Krista, Kristle -- and I am always calling them by the wrong names.  What is wrong with my brain?

Hubby and I have a deal.  If we are in public and I stop and chat with someone but don't introduce the person to him then chances are I can't remember the name.  Later we will put our heads together and invariably remember the name . . . too late.

This can cause some very awkward moments.

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