Saturday, August 1, 2015



Today's Writing Prompt: Difficulty

Describe a difficult time or event in your life and how you overcame it.

The boys were 5 & 10, hubby was recovering from a back injury, we'd pretty much lost everything, we were broke and had almost no food left in the house.  I think this was probably one of the lowest points in my life.

Two hungry kids to feed and no idea what to feed them.  I had some oatmeal (you know the real oatmeal that you cook on the stove) but no sugar.  I did have jam.  Supper that night was oatmeal with milk and jam.  We drew amazing designs into our bowls with that jam and had so much fun.

The next day was pay day.

When I went to look for a photo for this blog post I was kinda surprised to actually find photos of oatmeal and jam . . . I guess it is a real thing.

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