Thursday, July 23, 2015

Lost . . . not the TV show . . .


Today's Writing Prompt: Lost

Describe an object that you have lost.

I am starting to believe there must be some organic reason why I keep losing stuff.  It may be the old age, the fibro or maybe even the diabetes.  Yeah, I'm a real prize these days . . . falling apart AND forgetting things.   I try to blame Hal but it doesn't always work . . . 

. . . although the other day when I went to upload some geocaches to my GPS the cord was lost.  I remembered Hal having it in his hands and I told him to put it back where he found it because I keep all the cords for all my electronics in one specific place . . . so I don't lose them.  He had put the cord in my camera bag.  I don't know why.

Hal is also the person who lost my wedding, engagement and family rings for two years.

But these days I can't always blame Hal.  I put the phones down and can't remember where they are until someone calls and I have to go searching.  I put my glasses down and go crazy trying to locate them.  The only thing I never seem to lose are my keys.  They are hung up on a rack in the front hallway or clipped to the strap of my purse.  There will be no help for me if I ever lose my purse.

I lose myself because I am directionally challenged . . . a lot.

I binge watched the TV show Lost.