Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Question #15

What are your 10 favourite restaurants and why?

This would be good journaling for a scrapbooking layout.

1.  Asuka Japanese Cuisine, St. Thomas ON

2.  Braxton's Tap & Grill, St. Thomas ON

3.  Boston Pizza, St. Thomas ON

4.  Le Cafe Siam, St. Thomas ON
I can't believe I have never blogged about this restaurant before.  I love this little hidden gem.  It is intimate, beautifully decorated, the staff are charming and provide excellent service, the food is FABULOUS and it is reasonably priced.

5.  Bella Jack's, St. Thomas ON
Another restaurant I haven't blogged about yet.  Unbelievable.  Excellent margaritas, the fish tacos are fabulous, the decor is amusing and fun, the staff are quite friendly and it is all very reasonably priced.  Deb and I were just there two nights ago when we ran away from home.

6.  Golden Dragon, St. Thomas ON
New to St. Thomas, we've only ordered from them a couple of times so far.  It is really important to phone your order in well in advance because it is a tiny operation and they are very very busy already.  It is take out only but the food is fresh made and delicious.  The prices are excellent too.

7.  New Sarum Diner, New Sarum ON
This restaurant has been around forever because it is excellent.  The decor is kitschy and full of collectibles.  The service is fabulous.  It is the perfect place for a nice family dinner.  The chicken dinner is my favourite thing to order.

8.  Montana's, London ON or Oakville ON
I can only speak for these two restaurants, but I have never had a bad meal in either place.  I love the cobb salad and the corn bread.  It is a fun place to eat with so many collectibles and "junk" to look at.

9.  At the Crossroads, Elmira ON
It is impossible not to find something delicious At the Crossroads.  You can order from a menu but why?  The buffet is the best.  In fact it is the one and only buffet I have ever been to that gets it right.  The selection of salads, entrees and sides is enormous and the desserts . . . sigh . . . so many beautiful desserts.  Can you tell I love this place?

10.  Arabesque, Kitchener ON
Arabesque could very well be my go-to place for Middle-Eastern food.  The servings were huge and beautiful and colourful and totally delicious.  It was noisy, mostly because the place was packed while we were there with families all chattering together.  The decor is nice but nothing fancy.  Our server was delightful.  The prices were excellent.

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