Sunday, March 8, 2015

It's Done!!! Woo Hoo!!! Penny Patch Quilt

I have never used instructions to make a quilt.  I pretty much made up the rules as I went along . . . unless I could find what I needed in a book or online.

So I challenged myself to make a quilt by following a pattern. You can find the pattern at  I picked out my fabrics which were mostly from Stampin' Up and purchased at clearance prices.  I picked some prints and solids from my stash to complete the material requirements.  I started this process during the spring of 2014 and then I stalled, daunted by the task of actually cutting all that fabric.  I decided to take everything with me to Windswept Cottage where a group of us get together twice a year.  My sister, Nancy, who is an amazing quilter was supposed to be going and I was counting on her for moral support and guidance.  And then she had to cancel out . . . 

But I finally got up the nerve and started cutting and sewing the blocks together.  I would have loved to know some shortcuts to the whole process but I did manage to do it in my own time-consuming and questionable way.

By September 18, 2014 my quilt top was put together and I was pretty pleased with it.  The next time I piece a quilt I am going to get hubby to help me build a design wall.  I think it would have been a much easier way to figure out how to put the blocks together.

I didn't have enough of any material to make a solid back so I decided to pick several different matching fabric and piece together a backing.  I think it turned out rather well.  At least I like it.

For the very first time I pulled out my quilting frame.  I have always quilted with an 18" hoop but this was so much quicker and I didn't overheat from having a quilt on my lap for extended periods of time.

Time to make the binding.  The method suggested in the pattern isn't what I'm used to doing but I'm glad I followed the designers instructions because this was so simple.

I had just finished stitching the binding to the front of the quilt when the bobbin winder died.  I am hoping my dear hubby can fix it but if he can't . . . I guess I'm going shopping.

And here is the finished quilt.  I am so happy with it.