Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Twice-Baked Sweet Potatoes

In my opinion, these look pretty cool but putting them back into the skins does nothing for the flavour and is kind of fussy work.  I bet they would be every bit as good served from a casserole dish.  Delicious!!

Makes 5 servings

4 medium sweet potatoes
olive oil
1/4 cup sour cream
2 tablespoons butter, softened
2 teaspoons brown sugar
2 teaspoons fresh lime juice
1/2 teaspoon paprika (smokey, not sweet)
1/2 teaspoon Sriracha (hot sauce, optional)
salt and fresh ground black pepper, to taste
1/4 cup coarsely chopped fresh cilantro
2 limes, sliced into wedges

Preheat oven to 400F.

Spray baking sheet with nonstick spray or olive oil.

Slice sweet potatoes crosswise into halves. Rub sweet potatoes with olive oil.

Roast potatoes until they can be easily pierced with a fork, about 45 minutes, turning once during cooking.

Remove from oven and set on a rack to cool. Once cool, scoop most of the flesh from each potato into a medium-size bowl.

Combine potato flesh with all of the remaining ingredients, except the green onions, until smooth. Stuff potatoes.

Bake the stuffed potatoes for 25 minutes or until golden and heated. Serve with sour cream, cilantro and lime wedges.

Blossoms and Blooms

TUESDAY, MAY 6, 2014

Tanka Tuesday: Blossoms and Blooms

It's time for the next installment of Tanka Tuesday!

Tanka is a form of poetry similar to haiku. It's short, and the lines don't need to rhyme. The just must have a set number of syllables: 5/7/5/7/7.
Today's tanka prompt is: Blossoms and blooms.

the sun is shining 
perfect pink petals reach out
toward the sun's warmth
dew glistens on each leaf
spring is here yes spring is here

Music is Forever

MONDAY, MAY 5, 2014

Today's Writing Prompt: Music is Forever

Who was your favorite band or singer when you were young?

That's me, back row on the right, beside the fireman.

I had many many favourite bands when I was young.

A Bagel Bar

Coming up with new, fun yet inexpensive ideas for meals at Windswept Cottage is becoming a challenge thanks to all the creative women I hang out with.  I spotted this idea for a Bagel Bar and wanted to make sure to save it somewhere I could find it again . . . so here it is . . . 

I think it is scathingly brilliant . . . 

Bagel bar

Sunday, March 29, 2015


SUNDAY, MAY 4, 2014

Today's Writing Prompt: Flirt

Do you like to flirt, or are you shy?

I could be wrong so you should probably double-check with my husband, but I don't believe I flirt.  I am far too shy for that.  I have a bad habit of tripping over my words and forgetting my nouns when I am nervous.

Photos of a Canadian Actor . . .

My sister, Nancy, was able to visit the set of a mini-series, Revelation:  The End of Days being filmed in the Guelph area last year.  Her goal was to become a paparazzi and sneak photos of her nephew (my son) Timothy Hedden.

Movie Review: Love Punch

The Love Punch (2013) Poster

While I would not give this movie a gold star, I also would not throw rotten veggies at it.  I love the actors and recognized them all immediately as favourite characters in favourite movies.

I love Pierce Brosnan as so many different characters but my personal fav is Sam in Mama Mia.  Emma Thompson is awesome in so many movies but I will always love her best as Nanny McPhee.

Love Punch is silly, unbelievable and a comedy caper gone wrong.  Brosnan and Thompson play Kate and Richard, a divorced couple who have been robbed by a heartless CEO of their retirement savings.  They are determined to get it back.  When they concoct a wacky scheme to steal a nearly priceless diamond from the CEO, they need help.  

Help arrives in the form of Pen (Celia Imrie) and Jerry (Timothy Spall), their friends and neighbours.  Celia is so funny but I love the mystery of Jerry who has secrets only now coming to light in a really amusing way.  I loved Imrie in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and my favourite Spall character is in the Last Samuri.

This movie I think they made just for the fun of it.  But I liked it.  Who says we can only watch GOOD movies?  Sometimes silly is the perfect thing for a quiet Sunday afternoon.

Six Word Saturday


Six Word Saturday

Describe your life or current situation using exactly six words.

Comfy clothes Dreaded To Do List

Knitting Finishes April 2014

Yes, I am quite far behind on posting finishes to my blog . . . VERY far behind . . . 

This first photo is a dishcloth from Monthly Dishcloths.

This is an Oddball Sampler square.  My oddball afghan is actually in the process of being put together now.

This strip is part of a mystery knit-along afghan project at Holiday Mystery Gifts.  When I finished all the afghan strips I was able to make two afghans from them and gifted them to my grandsons.

Spring Cleaning 2

FRIDAY, MAY 2, 2014

Today's Writing Prompt: Spring Cleaning 2

This prompt is a follow-on from yesterday's prompt about spring cleaning.

2: In contrast to yesterday's prompt, is there anything in your life that you just can't wait to get rid of?

Diabetes is one of the things I would love to get rid of.  I am working hard at it with diet and medication right now and I'm looking forward to better weather so I can get out more for some much needed exercise.


Friday, March 27, 2015

Spring Cleaning 1


Today's Writing Prompt: Spring Cleaning 1

In the northern hemisphere, it's spring and that means spring cleaning. The next prompt has two parts, so part 1 is for today and part 2 will be tomorrow.

1: Is there anything in your life you should really throw out, but you just can't bear to part with it?

I honestly can't think of anything in my life I would want to throw out.  I've pared back my life to suit me, my energy level and my goals.

I'm wondering what my husband and family would say I should throw out of my life?

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Scrapbook Layouts from April 2014

Yes, I know . . . I am a wee bit behind in posting some of my scrapbooking layouts.

I was just learning about paper cosmetics at this point In My World so some inks and sprays are a little heavy handed.  I do improve over time . . . LOL.

Gluten Free Pumpkin Cheesecake Streusel Bars


1 box gluten free cake mix, yellow or golden
1/2 cup of chopped pecans
1/2 cup of soft butter
2 packages of cream cheese
1 cup sugar
1 cup of plain pumpkin
1 tbsp pumpkin pie spice
2 tbsp whipping cream
2 eggs

Heat oven to 350 F.  In a medium bowl stir together cake mix and pecans.  With pastry blender or fork cut in butter until mixture is crumbly.  Reserve 1 cup for the top.  Put remaining mix in 9x13" pan, press down and bake 10 minutes.

In a large bowl beat cream cheese and sugar with electric mixer on medium speed until smooth.  Add in remaining ingredients.  Beat until well blended.  Pour over warm crust in pan and sprinkle with remaining cake mix.

Bake 35 minutes or until centre is set.  Cool 30 minutes and refrigerate 2 hours before cutting into bars.

Note:  Received from Caroline W. at a pumpkin recipe swap.  Delicious!!

Scrapbook Challenge: Laugh

Scrapbook a layout about a time you laughed.  

Don't scrapbook?  Journal, paint, make a card . . . or even write a letter to thank someone who made you laugh.

Based on an idea from simplescrapper.com

Sunday, March 22, 2015

May Day


Today's Writing Prompt: May Day

Tomorrow is May 1st. Is there an area in your life that has you calling, "May Day?"

I can't wait for May to arrive.  I love spring.  I'm so ready to hit the trails for some serious letterboxing and a chance to try out my new handheld gps.  I can't wait to start my little vegetable garden back up again.  It won't be long until fresh local produce will appear.

As I am dreaming of all this, there is still mounds of dirty snow outside and it is still cold . . . just not the horrible bitter cold we've had most of this past winter.

As far as the second use of May Day, there are days I just want to chuck in the towel and hope someone else will just take care of me and do all my work.  Today is one of those days.  My back and my poor ol' eye were so sore last night that even with pain killers I could not sleep.  I would sure love someone to come and take over here so I could sit and watch TV and knit something.

Salmon with Leeks

Preparation 10 min
Cooking 25 min
330 calories per serving

4 leeks, quartered lengthwise and halved crosswise
1 tbsp olive oil
1 pinch salt [optional]
ground pepper to taste
300 g salmon fillet
1/2 lemons [optional]

Keep the serving plates warm on the stove while you're preparing the dish.

Preheat the oven to 215°C/425°F.
Prepare the leeks: Keep the white and light-green parts only, quarter them lengthwise, then cut them in half crosswise. Clean the leeks well, drain, then place them on a large rimmed baking sheet. Pour in the oil, season with salt and pepper, then toss well to coat the leeks thoroughly with the oil. Place in the middle of the oven and roast, tossing once, until the leeks begin to soften, about 12 min.
Meanwhile, cut the salmon fillet into similarly-sized pieces, according to the number of servings required. Set aside.
When the leeks are softened, remove the baking sheet from the oven, toss the leeks with the pan juices to coat, then push them to the edges of the baking sheet to allow room for the salmon in the centre. Arrange the salmon pieces and season generously with salt and pepper.
Return the sheet to the oven and bake until the salmon is opaque throughout, about 10 min for a 2 to 2,5 cm thick fillet. Since the cooking time depends on the fillet thickness and the actual temperature of the oven, it is important to check with a fork to see if the fish is cooked through.
Serve the salmon with leeks on the warmed plates. Add lemon wedges on the side (optional).

Delicious!!!  From www.soscuisine.com

Scrapbook Challenge: Relax

Scrapbook a layout about how you love to relax.  

Not a scrapbooker?  Why not paint, journal, write a poem . . . whatever makes you feel happy and creative.

Saturday, March 21, 2015



Tanka Tuesday: Stars

It's time for the next installment of Tanka Tuesday!

Tanka is a form of poetry similar to haiku. It's short, and the lines don't need to rhyme. The just must have a set number of syllables: 5/7/5/7/7.

Today's tanka prompt is: stars.

distant stars tinkle
white lights in ebony skies
never changing place
reliably chart your course
always lead you to your home

Warm Lentil and Tomato Salad

In Italy, lentils are a traditional offering on New Year's tables as a symbol of prosperity and luck - their shape is thought to be reminiscent of coins.

Preparation 10 min
Cooking 25 min
250 calories per serving
1/2 cup green-brown lentils (dried), rinsed and drained
1 clove garlic, chopped or pressed
1/2 tsp salt
2 tomatoes, deseeded and diced
2 green onions/scallions, chopped
2 tbsp fresh dill, chopped
1 1/2 tbsp Classic Vinaigrette (Recipe)
1/8 tsp ground pepper

Rinse and drain the lentils, then put them in pot. Chop or press the garlic, then add it to the pot. Add half of the salt, then add water to cover the surface of the lentils. Bring to a boil, then reduce the heat and simmer, uncovered, until the lentils are just tender, 20 to 25 minutes.
While the lentils are cooking, dice the tomatoes, discarding the seeds, then put them in a salad bowl. Chop the scallions and dill, then add them to the bowl. Pour the Classic Vinaigrette over the salad. Add the remaining salt and pepper.
Drain the lentils, then toss them with the salad. Adjust the seasoning then serve.

The leftover salad is just as good cold, the next day.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Paper Piecings that begin with C - UPDATED


3" x 3"

Canada Heart

Canada Moose
3" x 4"

Canadian Flag

Candy Box

Candy Canes
5" x 5"

Candy Corn

Candy Corns

Candy Train

Canning Jars


Captain's Hat


Car, Antique

Car, Compact

Car, Front View

Car, Roadster

Car, Sedan

Carousel Horse #1

Carousel Horse #2

Carrot #1

Carrot #2

Carrot #3
2" x 3"


Cat with Book

Cat with Bow #1
4.5" x 5"

Cat with Bow #2
4" x 4"

Cat with Fish Bowl 

Cat with Fluffy Chest
4" x 4.5"

Cat with Jack-O-Lantern
3" x 5"

Cat with Kitten
2.5" x 4"

Cat with Vest

Celestial Santa

Champagne Bottle

Chef's Hat


Chick Painting Eggs
4.5" x 4.5"

Child Giving Self Haircut

Child in Bat Costume

Child in Bathrobe with Puppy

Child in Bunny Suit

Child in Butterfly Suit

Child in Fall Costume

Child in Ladybug Costume

Child in Sleeping Bag

Child in Snowsuit with Broom

Child in Tent

Child in Turkey Costume

Children of the World

Chili Peppers

Chimney Santa

Christmas Border

Christmas Candles

Christmas Fireplace

Christmas Lights Border

Christmas Ornament

Christmas Stocking

Christmas Tree



Cloud Pull Toy

Clown #1

Clown #2

Clown in a Flower Pot

Clown Jack-in-the-Box

Clown Juggling

Clown with Ball

Clown with Knapsack


Colourful Fish

Computer #1

Computer #2
3" x 3"

Cookie Jar


Country Cat

Country Flowers

Country Valentine Couple

Couple Dancing


Cow Jumping over Moon

Cowboy Boot
5" x 6"

Cowboy Boots
2.5" x 3.5"

Cowboy Hat
2" x 4"


3" x 3"


Crown #1

Crown #2

Cup Cake



Curling Equipment

Curling Rock