Thursday, February 12, 2015

Resorts, Holidays and No Cars on PEI?!?


Today's Writing Prompt: Ideal Resort

If you could design your own vacation resort, what's one attraction you would definitely include?

Only one? Huge comfortable wraparound porches on each cabin, climate controlled when the windows are shut and also screened for enjoying fresh breezes when the windows are open.

Here are my blog posts I actually made on the real March 26, 2014:

What happens when some local scrapbookers take over the local Tim Hortons?

The adventure of the trapped hand at Cora's Restaurant . . . also known as "Why do weird things keep happening to me?"

Make Your Own Holiday Day

When : Always March 26th
Make Your Own Holiday Day allows you to make today a special day for anything you want. The objective of today, is to allow one day for any topic or event that has otherwise escaped recognition... up to now.
We didn't create this day. But, we are glad its here. Over the years, many site visitors have emailed us and inquired as to how to create a holiday or special day. It's not easy, and it's even more difficult to create a truely national day.
Today, is your day to skip all of the red tape, bypass all of the effort, and create a special day of any kind. Simply declare your special day on Make Your Own Holiday Day!

I think I will declare this day to be 

March 26, 1908 - Auto - Prince Edward Island becomes the only place in North America where it is illegal to drive a car, as the Assembly passes a law to ban all automobiles from its roads; driving a car becomes punishable by jail and it is illegal to import cars to the island; the ban will be lifted on August 29, 1919. Charlottetown, PEI

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