Sunday, February 15, 2015

I love the salad bar and napkins at the Wayside Inn in Talbotville ON

Hubby and I just had supper there a couple of weeks back which is why I picked the Wayside Inn in Talbotville ON as a place I recommend to visit. 

The first building was erected in 1936 and a gas station was opened. The Wayside also housed the Talbotville Post Office until the 1960's.  Greyhound used it as a bus terminal and although the bus terminal was relocated to St.Thomas in the late 40's, buses continued to pick up passengers at this site until 1973. As many as 40 buses buses stopped at The Wayside each day. The present owners bought the business in 1975.

The last time we were there was a Monday night and they had some excellent specials.  I love that the decor is so classy but not obnoxiously so.  I love that the servers wear uniforms and not yoga pants and t-shirts.  I love that they still provide real napkins.  The service is excellent.  The food is also excellent.  My favourite thing there though is the salad bar; an excellent selection and always fresh.

Hal's favourite time to go is for the Sunday buffet which is very popular and it is probably a good idea to make a reservation.  I'm not such a big fan (not really a breakfast sort of person) . . . but . . . they have the salad bar and a dessert bar so I'm okay with that.

Now I am feeling like I want to go there tonight . . . but I already have supper in the oven.  Check it out yourself.

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