Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Great Weekly Pintrest Challenge #1

Every time I see a really cool "how to" link, video, Pintrest, etc. I always wonder if they actually work.  Sooooooo . . .  

I'm trying something new for 2015.  Once a week I am going to pick a how to from Pintrest or really anywhere on the internet to try and then post the results here.  Hopefully I will have more wins than losses.

For my very first Challenge, I have chosen the No Plug Glue Toppers from Laura Denison Designs.

And here is the result . . . 

I only tried the glue so far but I am hopefully I will have the same great results with my other squeeze bottles.  I will try using this  bottle for a few more days to make sure nothing goes wrong.  Call me cautious.  The two layers of double sided tape are necessary and you really have to stretch the silicone nipple to get it right over the top.  But it definitely wasn't impossible.

Now here is the fun part . . . I would like you to take the challenge too.  So pick a 'how to" and try it.  Share a link to your results.  I can't wait to see what you all come up with.