Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Soothing upsets and hearts of gold . . . ~j


Today's Writing Prompt: Soothing

How do you soothe yourself when you're upset?

Sadly I am a stress eater.  Apparently thinking about food makes me forget what I'm upset about.  I understand this about myself so I try to make sure to have lots of healthy snacks and no junk food in the house.  Once in a while I still give in and go to the store for a bag of chips though.

Two blog posts on February 18th:  

The first is about a tea party fundraiser I attended.

The second is about the square I designed for the Oddball Sampler Afghan I am making (still).

National Battery Day

When : Always February 18th

People get a charge out of National Battery Day. We are absolutely energized about the many uses and applications. It's an opportunity to celebrate a vital invention. Batteries are used everywhere, from the battlefield to smoke alarms to headsets. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and power capacity, to fit a wide array of needs.

Just imagine where the world would be without batteries. We'd still be using a crank to start our automobiles. We'd have to cart around long extension cords to bring the boombox to the beach. And, forget about hand-held games. They'd never be popular tied to an electrical outlet.

Yesiree, batteries are electrifying!

Today is a good time to appreciate the the power of batteries in our everyday life.


February 18, 1972 - Music - Neil Young receives a gold record for Harvest, the only #1 album of his career; includes the #1 hit single Heart of Gold . New York, New York

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