Thursday, November 27, 2014

Schubert's Unfinished Symphony . . . in honour of Inspire your Heart with Art Day . . .

January 31st

Jackie Robinson (1919), the first black man to play in major league baseball.  Recipient of the Prinngarn medal in 1956.  Elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1962.

Backwards Day

Inspire Your Heart with Art Day   
What a GREAT Day to schedule a stamp camp/workshop, etc.   A day devoted to experiencing art in your life.  “Food sustains you as a human; art inspires you to be divine.”  Go to an art museum, browse through an art nook at the library, enroll in an art class or commission an artist.

Every child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.  --  Pablo Picasso

To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.  – Joseph Chilton Pearce

1865: Congress approves the 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution, abolishing slavery.

1958: The United States Army launches Explorer 1 into Earth's orbit. The first U.S. satellite, it is used to study cosmic rays.

1990: McDonald's opens its first fast-food restaurant in Moscow, Russia, serving more than 30,000 customers in one day.

Norman Mailer, writer (1923)

Zane Grey, novelist (1875)

Anna Pavlova, ballerina (1881)

Tallulah Bankhead, actor (1903)

Benjamin Hooks, civil rights leader (1925)

Franz Schubert, Austrian composer, famous for The Unfinished Symphony (1797)

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