Sunday, November 9, 2014

I'm a little bit country . . . I'm a little bit opera?


Today's Writing Prompt: Party Animals

I just got back from a wonderful evening garden party. At social events, where are you usually found? At the bar? Dancing by the band? Welcoming your friends? Behind a bush with a 'friend?' Or are you the kind to avoid the whole thing and stay home?

I like to "work" the room when I'm at a party. You just never know what interesting people you might meet or what interesting conversations you might have. This is fairly new behaviour for me. I used to be the one with a drink in my hand and a fake smile on my face, wondering if someone would talk to me or how long I would have to stay before I could politely leave. I have taken that experience and turned it around because I assume someone else might feel that way and my saying "Hi, I'm Pam, and you are?" could change a long lonely evening into a chance to make a new friend.

January 21

National Hugging Day

Squirrel Appreciation Day

1915: The Kiwanis International worldwide service club is chartered in Detroit, Michigan.

1966: Beatle George Harrison and Patricia Ann Boyd marry after meeting on the set of A Hard Day's Night.

1976: The first Concordes simultaneously take flight from London and Paris, with commercial passengers onboard.

Jack Nicklaus, professional golfer (1940)

Plácido Domingo, opera singer (1941)

Christian Dior, French couturier (1905)

Geena Davis, actor (1957)

Saint Agnes’ Day, patron saint of chastity and all Girl Scouts.

January 21, 1907 - Hockey - Kenora Thistles ice hockey team sweep the Montreal Wanderers in 2 games for the Stanley Cup. Montreal, Quebec