Saturday, November 1, 2014

Hello Dolly, Voting and Metrification . . .


Today's Writing Prompt: Politics

It's not an election year, so I feel safe talking about politics!
What one issue is the most important to you when it comes to voting for your representatives?

We just had our municipal elections earlier this week and I have to say my biggest concern or issue is lower voter turnouts.  People seem to bitch and complain about goverments but when they have the opportunity to voice their concerns and effect change they just don't.  They just don't vote.  I cannot understand it.  I think all active voters should get a pin that says "I voted so I can complain.  Where's your pin?"  The turnout for a very boisterously and sometimes viciously debated municipal election was 35%.  SERIOUSLY!?!?!?

Blog posts for January 16 because yes you can teach an old knitter new tricks.

January 16
National Nothing Day

Good Teen Day

1964: Carol Channing debuts in Hello Dolly, the Broadway show based on Thorton Wilder's play The Matchmaker.  The Broadway play earned a Tony as Best Musical of the Year.

1547: Ivan the Terrible is crowned tsar of Russia.

1804: French physicist Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac ascends to a height of 7,016 m (23,018 ft) in a hydrogen balloon, a record that lasted 50 years.

Marilyn Horne, opera singer (1934)

A.J. Foyt, automobile racer (1935)

1939:  Toronto cartoonist Joe Shuster published his first Superman comic strip.  Shuster and writer Jerry Siegal created the character in 1933 and sold Superman to Action Comics for $130.00.

Niccolò Piccinni, composer (1728)

Ethel Merman, actress (1909)

1970:  The government announced plans to convert from the Imperial to the Metric system of measurement.  A special commission was appointed to oversee the introduction of metric, or the International System of Units.