Monday, December 9, 2013

Jenn and Larry's Brittle 'n Shakes and Ice Cream Cakes, Stratford ON

We really enjoyed our stop at Jenn and Larry's just across the road from our boat cruise. We bought peanut brittle to snack on and it was delicious. The store decor was so old fashioned and marvellous. Larry was wearing whites just like a soda jerk from years gone by. Definitely worth a visit. We did not try the milk shakes but we have a definite reason to go back just to try them.

According to their Facebook page, Jenny's Peanut Brittle was founded in 1999, and has quickly become the best brittle in Stratford! Her peanut brittle sells out at culinary festivals, craft sales, events and Christmas time. Jenny has outgrowing her kitchen, and needed a new location to create her ever so popular peanut brittle!

Jenn's father, Larry, and her mother, Gail, owned and operated Larry and Gail's Drive In on the highway to Sebringville from 1967-1974. Larry was famous for making delicious homemade milkshakes and dreamed about breaking out his 1953 Hamilton Beach milkshake maker and create his milkshakes for the public once again.

So, father and daughter duo opened up Jenn and Larry's Brittle and Shakes on September 3, 2010 at 49 York Street, Stratford, Ontario.

I say you should plan a trip there.