Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Wrap-up

No matter what you celebrate or don't celebrate during December, I hope it has been a wonderful time for you.

I have had some really horrible Christmases in my life and I've had some that were very special.

I think this year has been incredibly special.

I joined my older son, daughter-in-law and handsome grandsons to decorate their Christmas tree and take some photos.

We took the grandsons shopping to buy presents for their parents.  They wrapped them at our place and then Grandpa read them Twas the Night before Christmas before we took them back home.

Our first Christmas party was at a Chinese restaurant with some of Hal's family.  They haven't sent me any photos YET.

Christmas Eve was pot luck supper at my mom's.  There was so much food.  I think I managed to hug everyone there.  I did my best anyway . . . LOL.  So wonderful to spend time with my extended family.

After Mom's pot luck we popped in at my brother Dan's for a visit and MORE food.

I love brunch with my older son's family on Christmas morning.

Our younger son and his girlfriend arrived Christmas night and stayed for a few days.

On Boxing Day my sons and daughter-in-laws and grandchildren joined us for a lovely dinner.  I started cooking the 30 pound turkey at midnight so it would be ready for lunch.  One sister and hubby and son plus Mom and Nanna made for a lovely full table of fun.

The nice part about having our special meal at lunch is that we aren't too tired to have some fun afterwards.  My sister gave me Apples to Apples and it is a hilarious game, especially when my crazy family is playing it.

On the 26th Hal & I made a little road trip to buy each other Christmas presents.  Hal really wanted cowboy boots so we went to Keleher's.

I visited The Art House Studio last winter and I've been trying to get back ever since.  I finally made it and had a great time picking out some lovely pretties for my own studio.  I asked Karen to show me something fun I might never have seen before and her eyes began to sparkle and she did show me some fun new products.

And of course, it wouldn't be Christmas without the tradition torture of the jig saw puzzle . . . LOL . . .

In My World . . . the Christmas Season lasts until January 1st . . . so who knows where I will be celebrating next.

I hope you all have had a wonderful December so far . . .

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