Thursday, September 5, 2013

This is Nanna . . .

Nanna is my grandmother.  She is 96-3/4 years old.  She is a fire cracker!  I wanted to share these photos from our family reunion in honour of Nanna.

Nanna with great-great-niece, Jayna
Gotta love a pot lunch picnic.  Sooooooo much food.  And there is Nanna right in the middle making sure we all get fed.

We kept encouraging Nanna to move her chair out under the gorgeous trees but she was determined to stay on the cement of the pavillion.  I get it.  This way she doesn't have to use her cane.  She says, "I will sit here and they will come and see me."  And they all did . . . LOL

Five generations:  Nanna, Mom, me, my oldest son and my three great grandsons.

Yeah . . . Nanna is a fire cracker . . . and the boys do love to torment her.

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