Saturday, September 7, 2013

The rant of the 2 o'clock sushi . . .

My friends are getting tired of hearing this . . . LOL . . . but I try not to rant on my blog until I've actually calmed down . . . and that just hasn't happened yet.

So I figure I'm just going to have to rant and hope that will finally get this annoyance out of my brain.  

Every Friday for quite a while I went into Metro at the Elgin Mall and picked up the mixed tray of sushi.  You know the one, kinda shaped like a Christmas tree.  Any way . . . 

This is a very special treat for me since I fell in love with sushi at Akita Sushi and then they closed down, leaving me very sad.  So these trays of sushi are very special to me.  

One Friday at noon I walked into Metro but the place for the maki trays was empty.  I asked at the deli counter if there were any more, assuming that they had sold out.

I was informed that they don't put the trays out until 2 pm.  I disagreed, saying that I had been buying these trays for many weeks at noon.  The clerk flat out told me I was wrong.  If I really wanted a tray I was going to have to go to the back of the store and try and find someone from the meat department and ask if they would get a tray out for me.  

You may ask why she didn't just call the meat department and ask them to bring me up a tray . . . you know . . . like customer service.  I was too mad to think to ask her this question.  I decided the easiest thing to do was go back to the meat department.

In the meat department I found three employees having a chat and asked if I could please have a maki tray.  Employee #1 turned and walked away.  Employee #2 watched while the third informed me that the trays don't come out until 2 o'clock.  So I suggested that they were mistaken, the trays were always out by noon.  Apparently I was wrong.  After a giant sigh, she went out back.  

So employee #2 decides to entertain me with how stupid the people are that run the stores.  He suggested they were a bunch of suits that had never worked a day in their lives in a grocery store and didn't have the first clue what they were doing.   I'm not sure why he thought it was okay to trash talk the people who were paying him but I guess he did.  

Fortunately employee #3 came out with a case of maki trays.  I grabbed my tray and almost ran through the check out and out of the store.  

Next Friday comes along and I, assuming that the maki tray situation might be resolved, headed to Metro's deli department at noon.  No maki trays.  I didn't even ask for one.  I just left.

At this point I would usually have gone to a manager and let them know how I felt but for some warped reason I can't even begin to explain, I was too mad.  This was my special treat and they were denying me I guess. 

The following Friday I checked again.  None.

I didn't set foot in Metro for weeks after  that for anything . . . not a single purchase.

This past Friday I thought I would try again . . . and there they were!!!!!  At noon.  Not 2 o'clock.  And I bought one.  And I later went back in and purchased a few groceries I needed.

So why am I still mad?  I don't really understand it.  Hopefully this rant will clear it all out of my system.

There better be a maki tray in the deli case next Friday or I just don't know what I might do.