Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Our adventures on September 9th

I've told you most of our adventures for this beautiful September Monday.  I told you about Hawks Cliff here, Barn Quilt Squares here, Settlement Stories Quilt Trail here, and our trip to the Ingersoll Cheese and Agriculture Museum here. With all the traveling we did that day, you would think we would also find lots of letterboxes.  

There was only one box available in the area that we had not already found in the drive-by or stroll categories . . . but we did find it.  It was Okay Blue Jays - version 2 in Dorchester.

I love planning road trips that include a little bit of everything we love to do -- driving, letterboxing, quilt squares, photography and museums.  We've done two more road trips this month which I will be sharing with you and Box ON! (Ontario Letterboxing Meetup) is this coming weekend.  I can't wait to see everyone and find tons of boxes with Hal and the boys.  We should find our 300th box this weekend.

Perhaps we will see you on the trails!