Friday, August 2, 2013

The Woman in the Wing by Jean Sheldon

Read this book!

Why?  Can't you just trust me?  I promise you this is an excellent read.  The Woman in the Wing is the story of Charlotte Mercer who is in training to become a WASP during WWII.  Charlotte's training is interupted for refusing the advances of a lecherous army major.  Charlotte is recruited to work for the FBI who are trying to find the German spy ring responsible for damages at a nearby defense plant.

Do you need me to tell you more?  Haven't I made you curious to find out what will happen next?  This mystery is so well written that every time I think I had figured out who the spies are it turns out that I am wrong.

More?  Although I am not an expert on women in the armed forces during WWII, the story seems to be well researched and believable.

The only thing left to tell you is WHO did it . . . and I won't.

Read this book!  It is well-written, fast paced and full of mystery and excitement.