Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Witch's Grave . . . a tale of cemetery letterboxing . . .

I love letterboxing in cemeteries.  Not everyone will agree with me but that is okay.  These days many cemeteries have bike paths and jogging paths adding to the reasons to visit your neighbourhood cemetery.  Add in all the awesome gardens and statues.  And don't forget all the history to be seen.  I promise not to be disrespectful but I plan to continue cemetery boxing . . . 

Our fellow boxer Bumble (aka Jo) from Toronto blogged about this topic recently.  Bumble was in town mid-May for our mini-meetup and left a treasure behind . . . Siste, Viator:  Old St. Thomas Churchyard.  It was fun hunting for a box in our own hometown.  To solve the clue we needed to know about the witch's grave which we did, of course.  This is as close as Hal was getting to the witch's grave though . . . LOL.

Our second box of the day was Pal 2013 - Five Alarm Fire near Aylmer.  Yes, it was another cemetery.

Since we were in a cemetery kind of mood we planted a box of our own near Thames Centre called Lost Little Letterboxer (Almost a PAL 2013 Box).

Yes, another cemetery box near Mount Elgin, Grandma Rocks.  

Do you sense a theme here?  We attempted to find a cemetery box in Stratford called The Scottish Letterbox but didn't find it.  Primrose Up the Garden Path was also elusive but not a cemetery box.

Just to change things up a little we also found a library box, John Neville as Richard II in Stratford and on the way home, one last cemetery box in London, Pitcher Plant.

It was a hot day . . . but it was a great day.

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