Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton

I've never read any of Kate Morton's books before now.  In fact, the only reason I went in search of it is because someone in one of the groups I belong to was raving about it.  I decided I wanted to check it out.

Apparently I wasn't alone.  The waiting list to get the book from the library was indefinite.  I started asking around on Facebook to borrow a copy.  A friend managed to get her hands on a copy and very graciously passed it along to me.

I now know what all the fuss was about.

Teen-aged Laurel Nicolson witnessed the murder of a stranger on their farm.  She saw her mother stab him to death with the birthday cake knife.  The whole situation was kept quiet and the police accepted that the mother was acting in self-defense.

Decades later, Laurel finds a clue that makes her curious to solve the mystery of the dead man.
The story is very intriguing.  There are so many mysterious twists and turns written into the very detailed story and they are solved very gradually over the course of the book.  The really big mysteries remain unsolved until right to the very end.  I loved that.

The best part is that every time I thought I had everything figured out, the author shared new information and I had to rethink the whole mystery again.

My sister says this isn't Kate Morton's best book.  What!?  Looking forward to reading more of her books especially if they are even better than the Secret Keeper.