Thursday, March 7, 2013

Product Review: The Knook

Sometimes new does not always mean better.  I've been reading about the Knook for quite a while.  Some people seemed to absolutely love it but just as many absolutely hated it.  I'm open minded.  I'll try anything once especially if it might be fun or challenging.  So one day while I was in Michaels with a 50% coupon in my clutches, a Knook fell right into my cart.

I finally decided to give it a try tonight.  I followed all the instructions in the booklet which is really well written and has lots of lovely pictures.  I was going to make the infinity scarf in the booklet because I was sure I would be an expert at this in no time at all . . . LOL.

By row three I was so freaking annoyed.  This was not fun, this was not easy.  This was someone's horrid idea to make me miserable.  The stitches do not work up naturally.  The stitches kept shrinking on the cord so that you had to struggle to put the hook through.  It was just garter stitch done the hard way.

Before I gave up I decided to check out the online video in case there was just the slightest chance I wasn't holding the hook correctly or something.  On the video you can actually see the woman struggling to put the hook through the constantly shrinking stitches.  So vindication . . .

I didn't finish the third row and the Knook is going in the next yard sale.  Thank goodness I only paid half price.  Maybe a Knook lover will give it a good home.