Wednesday, March 13, 2013

All Around Basket

Isn't this the cutest little crocheted basket?  It is meant to hold coasters but mine is now on a shelf filled with afghan square samples.  I found the pattern on Holiday Mystery Gifts Yahoo! group.  This is a very fun group.  At the beginning of each month different designers post selected patterns that would make great gifts.  The patterns only stay up for a month and then they disappear.  They are available for sale from the designers after they disappear.  Members are asked not to share the patterns outside the group as a courtesy to the designers.  Each month I select the patterns that appeal to me and add them to My Dreaded To Do List.  I really enjoyed making this little basket . . . simple and fairly quick to make.

I found the pattern at but there is a small charge to download it.

Top Movies of All Time according to IMDB ~ #17 Goodfellas (1990)

Apparently I love gangster movies.  Of course this another one that was shot back in the day when we didn't have to see all the gory...