Monday, June 14, 2021

Tangled Ashes by Michele Phoenix

I read a lot of book reviews and think perhaps I should be writing my reviews more like them . . . you know a blurb about the book and then a blurb about the author and then finally my opinion . . .  but you can find all that easily enough if you decide you want to buy the book or get it from your local library . . .

I think I will just stick to writing about what I find interesting and hope that some of you will be interested to.

Tangled Ashes is a very interesting book.  I say that in the best possible sense.  It is full of very interesting and complex characters.  Some of them are pretty damaged but you will still root for them throughout the book in hopes they will find redemption, resolution or peace.  I particularly liked that every time I thought I had figured out all the mysteries Ms. Phoenix would throw in another angle.  Good going!  I had no choice but to keep reading just to figure everything out.  Some of the curve balls I definitely didn't see coming.

What's the book about?  Architect Marshall Becker arrives in France with the job of renovating an old castle after some serious pushing from his friend slash business partner who hopes that getting away would help Becker get a grip on his personal issues.  The book is also about the castle itself,  It was used for some rather nefarious purposes by the Germans in World War II and the results of this use have come back to haunt the castle, not in the ghostly sense but in the sense that this is where a resolution needs to be found for some of the victims.

There is a lot of drama and great characters and mysteries in this book and it is definitely a good read.  If I could find one flaw it would be that the writing lacks a sophistication which I am sure the author will develop with time and experience.

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