Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Book Review: Remember Guam

Remember Guam:  A collection of memories and recipes to warm your heart and lighten your spirit
by Paula A. Lujan Quinene

I am a procrastinator.  I procrastinate when I really don’t want to do something.  I don’t want to write this review.  What happens if authors will no longer be willing to send me books to review once I post this?  I have put on my big girl pants and I’m going to do it right now.

I really thought I was going to like this book.  I enjoy reading about different places and cultures.  I definitely love to read recipe books.  I wanted to like it because the author was good enough to send me a copy to review.  I did like some of it.  I was interested to learn how to crack a mature coconut.  Unfortunately, the stories very quickly became repetitive and boring.  Some of the recipes sounded good and quite do-able but many require ingredients you might only find in large cities.

I think I was hoping to read the author's own stories and remembrances.  I was expecting beautiful colour photos like those on the cover to be inside as well.  I think my expectations may have got in the way of my enjoyment of the book.  So please don’t avoid this book because of anything I have said.  I think many people will enjoy this book especially if they've ever been to Guam or lived there and moved away.  It just was not a good book for me.

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