Monday, January 11, 2021

Book Review: Her Father's House by Belva Plain

I am a huge fan of Belva Plain. I have read so many of her books. They are always filled with so much colour and emotion that they are near impossible to put down. My favourite of all time is Evergreen.

I thought Belva Plain may be slipping because the beginning of Her Father's House has characters that don't seem to be totally real. It turns out they aren't. Life collides with the two main characters, Donald and Lillian Wolfe, and we begin to see who they really are.

When Lillian threatens to take their daughter out of the country, Donald feels he must take action. Donald Wolfe drives out of NYC with baby Tina on a Sunday afternoon, and several days later, Jim Fuller arrives in a small town in Georgia with his young daughter Laura. They build a new life in rural Georgia. Jim refusing to leave the area even for vacations in order to hide their past and protect Laura from her mother's greed, carelessness and control. Jim finally relents so he can go see Laura graduate college and all Jim's carefully placed lies begin to crumble.

This book is totally engaging in true Belva Plain style.

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