Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Tale of the Dreaded To Do List and why it is only July 1st

I keep lists for everything.  I learned long ago that without a list I will forget the milk or something equally important when I unpack my groceries.  Appointments get missed.  Life just gets so disorganized.  Instead of getting everything I want and need done each day, I can spend entire days working on a single project that appeals to me, leaving everything else undone, if I don't stick to my list.

So I have come to rely upon the Dreaded To Do List to keep me on track.  I use it to keep track of all my goals and chores.  I made the goal to blog each day in 2011.  I like to sweep and dust once a week, wash floors every other week (one of the joys of no kids left at home and an absent hubby) and I change the bed linens every week (unlike the commercial . . . yuck).  I have accepted the challenge to scrapbook a layout each day and to spend at least 1/2 hour each day writing.  And on and on and on . . .

I don't carry forward chores if the don't get done on the prescribed day; they stay put until I finally am able to scratch them off.  So according to my Dreaded To Do List today is July 1st.    Most of my chores and goals are up to date but some get left behind when I run short of time.  There are only 3 little chores left on July 1st and they will soon be done.  But until they are done, In My World it is still July 1st.

I didn't get anything done on my list today . . . at least not yet . . . but there is still time.  Instead I hopped on a city bus and spent some time all alone wandering through Elgin Mall and Walmart.  It took two trips around on the Elgin Mall bus to get to the mall because in the old days the bus used to go right up to the mall entrance.  We were past the mall before I realized we weren't turning in to the mall.  So around the route we went.  I got off at Stokes Road the second time round.  I had a lovely time at the mall wandering through stores, going to the library and picking up a few items . . . nothing exciting . . . tea was on sale and we needed coffee, a new bath mat . . . and at the luggage store I picked up a lovely new purse 60% off and a matching wallet 60% + 30% off.  That made me happy.  I even treated myself to lunch at the Zellers restaurant.  I caught the bus back to Walmart and wandered around in there for a bit, picking up some bread and milk and a few other bits.  I ran into a few people and stopped and chatted and then I headed home on the Northside bus.   

The day is shot and that's okay.  I'll see what I can accomplish tonight and get back on the To Do List bandwagon tomorrow.  I accidentally picked up a new craft project to so I better add that to my To Do List.

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  1. Ahhh.. It all makes sense! I think I am just past my 8th birthday in my your terms *lmao*