Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Book Review: The Lost Peace by Robert Dallek

I just tried to read The Lost Peace:  Leadership in a Time of Horror and Hope, 1945-1953 by Robert Dallek.  I usually love reading history non-fiction, especially about the war years.  I'm putting this book on my exception to the rule list.  While the information was very interesting in itself, reading it was a slow process.  Dallek is writing about an exciting and confusing time in our recent history in a very unexciting way.  I like to read at night because it relaxes me.  I was only able to read a few pages each night because it relaxed me too much.  After a week I was only at page 113 of 372.  It is time to close the book and move on to something else.  Perhaps I will save this book for the next time I have insomnia.

On a positive note, Dallek's attention to detail and his perceptions about the world leaders of the time make this an excellent reference book if you are writing an essay.