Monday, July 18, 2011

Update on some of my WIPs (Works in Progress)

Hot enough for you? LOL. I was enjoying summer until this week. I'm hiding in my apartment huddled up to my air conditioner and making excuses not to go out and do some errands that really should be done.

Being stuck inside is giving me some great time to tackle my Dreaded To Do List. I got really far behind during the spring for several good reasons including lots of letterboxing every chance we got. I love spring and fall. Don't mind winter too much as long as it doesn't get ridiculous. But I really hate the heat and humidity of summer.

What's your favourite season?

I have a ton of projects on the go plus several on standby . . .

I'm continuing to make mystery dishcloths from a Yahoo group I belong to AND I have taken the plunge and started designing my own mystery knit-alongs. Installments are posted to my blog every Wednesday (usually in the evening).

I'm still working on a scrapbooking manuscript but I'm starting to see glimmers at the end of this huge project. I am attempting to keep up the challenge of scrapbooking one layout each day but I'm a little behind. Not for lack of photos though. I'm still scrapbooking a pile of photos Hal's brother gave us of their parents and grandparents. Of my own photos I am still scrapping photos from Spring 2009. I am also building paper piecings . . . lots and lots of paper piecings . . . I think of embellishments I want for my own layouts and then just make 3-4 extras while I'm at it. I just finished a bunch of beach paper piecings (sand castle, sail boat, pail and shovel) and now I'm making geocaching and letterboxing templates I think they would be good for hiking pages too. I have started posting a sketch challenge to my blog every Friday. If anyone with a scrapbooking business would like to sponsor a challenge and offer a prize that would be very cool.

Exciting news about the tablecloth I've been working on since January 2005. I've just started the decorative edging so I'm sure I'll be posting this as a finished project in a week or two.

Did I tell you that I finished another quilt this week? The photo is posted on my blog. Nancy made the top and then I put it together and quilted it. That is my favourite part. Piecing my own quilt is on my stand by list. It may be standing by for a while because Nancy just gave me two more quilt tops. One is made totally from flannel shirts and she left on all the tags and buttons. I love it. Hal has already claimed it for his own when it is finished.

My cousin Kim gave me a pile of yarn last year (?) and there were tons of light brown chunky yarn which I am using to make a basket weave patterned lapghan. There was also a ton of green worsted weight wool and I have been using it to make toques, mitts and socks which, if my kids and grandkids don't want them, I will be donating to a charity at Christmas time. I have a granny square afghan and a Monet afghan and a Spiderman afghan on my standby list. The Spiderman afghan will be a Christmas gift or birthday gift for my youngest grandson. His entire room is decorated in Spiderman. So shhhhhhhhhhhhh don't tell him. I won't tell you what I am thinking of for the older two grandsons just in case they read this.

Work is going great on my family tree. So much information to sort through, sort out and get entered in my computer. I hope to have a fairly decent "book" to share at the Hewson family reunion in August.

Have you ever heard of crocheted earrings? I'm making some using sewing thread and a tiny hook. So much fun with a little frustration mixed in. I hope to have a pair finished off soon.

Nine more entries in my blog and I will be caught up to my challenge to blog every day in 2011. It's a good thing I can think of lots of things to talk about and lots of projects to share.

And since I haven't attempted to mooch anything off anyone yet today . . . LOL . . . I collect post cards and stamps so if you have any gathering dust I guarantee I will love them and give them a home . . .