Sunday, May 22, 2011

Letterboxing Mini-Meet in St. Thomas, Ontario

Remembering the Railroads Mini Meet
May 28, 2011
St. Thomas, Ontario

Please join us for a day or two or three -- whichever works for you. We promise to keep you entertained and letterboxing in some very beautiful areas including Downtown St. Thomas, Old Talbot Street, Pinafore Park and areas further afield.

We will be introducing a new series of boxes representing our Railway Heritage and expanding on our Heritage Trees series.

Schedule of Events:

8 - 10 am: Registration at Waterworks Park, swaps, goodie bags
12 pm: Pot luck lunch, exchanges and group photo also at Waterworks Park
7 pm: Supper and social at Stationmaster Restaurant

Clue packages and goodie bags with lots of local information will be provided when your team registers.

If you would like to plant letterboxes while you are visiting us, we would be absolutely thrilled.

See you on the trail,
The Big Blue Team
St. Thomas, ON