Sunday, April 17, 2011

"Alexandra Gaither is an attorney who finally has the power to get the justice she needs. 25 years before, her mother had died a scandalous death. Alex believes one of three powerful men murdered her. She will risk everything to uncover their secrets. "

 I finished this book just in time to return it to the newly temporary library.  It was a good read . . . although the fact that all the men that were in love with her dead mother also had the hots for the heroine . . . ewwwwwww!!

My grey sweater has found a home on the corner of the sofa. 
I am just finishing the hood . . . hopefully soon.

A finish . . . woo hoo . . . another Mystery Knit A Long dishcloth from a favourite Yahoo! group.

The Queen Anne's tablecloth project has taken over the spot on the sofa formerly
used by my dishcloth.

Yes, another quilt has come home to roost . . . LOL
So as you can tell, I am keeping incredibly busy trying to catch up on my Dreaded To List.  I won't tell you where I am right now on "My calendar" but it is rather embarrassing . . . I will make a huge announcement when I reach March 1st . . . LOL