Monday, October 11, 2010

Letterboxing to the West . . .

We've headed west twice in the last few weeks on the search for letterboxes planted by a very active new group of boxers.  Our first trip was September 20th.

Our first stop was McKellar Tract Wildfowl in near Brigden, ON but we were unsuccessful because of yellow jackets.  We will be back to try again as soon as the weather is a little cooler and the yellow jackets a little dumber.  Next stop . . . Oil Springs.

While out looking for Oil Springs Drilling we noticed these great statues and many more.  I've only posted a couple of photos so as not to spoil the adventure when you drive down the same road in search of this box.  The clues were a little tricky but I'm glad we persevered.  I also met this lovely llama who was living with a bunch of sheep.  He was very friendly and paid attention while we chatted . . . LOL


Our final stop for the day was Wise Men in Forest, ON.  The park and amphitheatre were quite lovely and the clues were very clear.

To wear off some of our Thanksgiving dinner, Hal and decided to spend a day out on the trail October 8.  What a gorgeous day . . . warm and breezy . . . perfect letterboxing weather.  Our first stop was Mystery Falls, Arkona ON.  Even though Hal & I consider ourselves "old fogeys" we did manage the hike in just over a 1/2 hour each way which pleased us.  The bush was gorgeous with fall colours just beginning and the Mystery Falls were so pleasing to see.  We took the planter's advice and wore bright colours . . . better safe than sorry.

The drive to Still Another Ausable River Bridge and The Old Fishing Hole gave us a chance to recover from our long hike.  We were able to find the first box but the second was no where to be found.  I took this shot of the Ausable River from the bridge.

Our only drive-by of the day was The Hills, also in Lambton Shores.  And our final stop of the day was to find 3 of the 5 Shashawandah Creatures at Kettle Point.

By this time the sun was beginning to go down so we decided it was time to head for home.  

p.s. Hal has worked out his driving schedule so he should be able to join us at Box ON! 2010:  Black-and-Orangeville.