Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Day Out With The Grandsons . . .

. . . or How To Pack As Much Fun As Possible Into One Day Without Losing Your Mind . . .

Last night was the first time I had my grandsons for a sleepover without Grandpa.  Hal usually does all the entertaining and goofing around and my job is cooking and cleaning up after them.  It was kind of fun being the one entertaining and goofing around . . . the cleaning can wait until tomorrow . . .

I went to the movies last night to see Eat, Pray, Love.  An amazing movie . . . and now I want to read the book again.  It is also a long movie so it was 9:30 pm by the time I picked up the boys for a sleepover.  As soon as we were in the apartment we pulled out snacks and made up the sofa bed and then spent some time chatting with Grandpa online.  It made for a late night but that also meant sleeping in a little this morning, which was nice.  After breakfast, the boys went to work sorting out their craft box and photo box.  The lid fits on again.  Next stop was a little letterboxing trip and a visit to Jumbo.  The contractor that refurbished Jumbo this time around really did a lovely job.  Love his new colours!!

Our adventures continued at the library.  It is so nice to see how much the boys enjoy books.  They spent quite a bit of time looking through the shelves and carefully selecting books to take home.

We enjoyed lunch and an exciting game of bingo at Zellers in the afternoon.  Didn't win a thing but we sure had a good time trying.  Next stop, groceries so the boys could cook me a gourmet dinner . . .

Baked Chicken Superb
Candied Carrots
Cheesy Broccoli
Basmati Rice
Brownie Sundaes

I'll share the recipes in my next post.  Austin made the veggies, Taylor made the chicken . . .

. . . and Cameron made dessert.

After a fabulous supper the boys played cards for a bit and then we started playing with origami paper.  That was a lot of fun, especially the jumping frogs and the monkey climbing the mountain.

It was so funny when Greg came to pick up the boys.  All three of them started talking at once, each wanting to tell their dad about their favourite adventures of the day.  I'm not sure if Greg was able to understand more than a few words but I'm glad they were excited with all our adventures.

I'm in my jammies, sipping a cup of tea and thinking that I don't really care that the apartment is a disaster.  If the cleaning fairies don't show up tonight, I'll take care of it tomorrow.