Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wedding, Letterboxing, Truck Driving School

How are you all enjoying the heat wave?  Let me tell you, it certainly affected our weekend -- a very busy one at that.

On Saturday we attended a wedding in Wallaceburg.  On the way to the wedding we stopped in Mitchell's Bay to pick up a letterbox, Marine Park Series #1.

The wedding was lovely but HOT!  After the wedding ceremony, and before the reception, we went to Dan & Cathy's for a visit.  This is the first time Hal has had so many of his family in one place for many years and we really enjoyed getting caught up, snacking and rehydrating.

Introducing the bride and groom, Amberly and Paul . . .

. . . and the parents of the bride, Marjorie and John.

After the reception, we decided to head to the 5th Wheel Training Centre near Watford.  They had assigned Hal one of the larger rooms and he only had one roommate . . . plus me . . . I wasn't going to mention being there because it is against school policy to have guests in the rooms, but . . . well, more on that later . . .

Sleeping was not easy any of the nights.  None of the rooms have air conditioning and room temperatures reached as high as 38 C. 

I'm so glad we went letterboxing on Sunday.  I don't think I could have tolerated being cooped up at the school in the heat all day.

The Pinery Provincial Park was a lovely place to hide from the heat.  We found both boxes hidden in the park . . . Fairy of the Dunes is an adorable stamp by a young carver and the hike to find Pinery Provincial Park Tent was very enjoyable.  We loved locating all the landmarks.
Next stop, Goderich.  What a beautiful town!  We found Holiday on Huron and sat on a bench overlooking the harbour to stamp out.  We will disagree with the planter about the restaurant -- we were not impressed.

Next stop, Clinton.  We are pretty sure Peace, Baby! is missing.  We picked up groceries in what was probably the worst grocery store I've ever been in.  It's summer, where are the veggies, people?  They didn't even have lettuce.

After cooking supper, we just relaxed for the evening.  Because of the temperature, that was really all we could do.  We just fell asleep when . . . bang . . . and in comes "our" roommate.  He'd had to work late and then make the drive from Toronto.  Hal let him know I was there and he was okay with that.  Thank goodness, because if he wasn't, I would have had to sleep in the van (which was set up for sleeping) but seriously . . .

Made my roommates a big breakfast to get their brains working Monday morning.  They spent the day in class and in the truck and I spent the day trying not to move too fast. 

After supper Hal and I went for a drive, with the a/c on full blast, to Petrolia.  We planted Discovery there.

Monday night was another steamy, restless, hard-to-sleep night.  Add the fact that Hal & our roommate were both nervous about their tests Tuesday morning and you can imagine just how little we all slept.  Before 7 am, we threw all our gear into the van and headed to the test centre in Sarnia.  Half way to Sarnia, I realized we had not separated the beds in our room.  We had quite a few chuckles about what the cleaning person was going to think

Hal was the second driver out.  Not only did he pass . . . he passed with flying colours!! 

After a quick trip to the license centre, we had to go back to the school for some paper work.  Hal was laughingly reprimanded for having an overnight guest in his room.  The pushed together beds had given us away.

Employment Wanted
Mature, hard-working man looking for casual, part-time or full-time work.  Willing to travel.  Willing to relocate.
AZ drivers license
Heavy equipment certified, 3 years experience
Water Treatment Technician, 15+ years experience
Qualifed Home Inspector
Home Repairs and Renovations