Sunday, June 28, 2009

It's My Birthday Plant Challenge (Ontario, Canada)

I'm hosting a planting contest to encourage both new and old planters to put boxes out there but there is a twist . . . for your plant to be counted in this challenge it must be planted in a town/city in Ontario that does not have any letterboxes yet.

Check out the information below and join this virtual event if you want to get in on the fun!

The rules are pretty basic.
1. You must plant at least one box to earn a chance to win the grand prize.
2. Your box must be planted sometime before July 28, 2009.

Each person who plants a box in a town/city that does not have any other letterboxes will be elligible for 1 entry into the contest. The prize will be a $25.00 gift certificate for Michael's or WalMart (winner's choice) so the winner can buy lots of supplies or lock n lock boxes.

If you are a new planter, please consider putting a box out there. Your stamp and logbook can be store bought or handmade. Either is fine. If you are a new carver, don't worry if your stamp is nothing more than a simple shape or picture! We were all new carvers at one point and we will appreciate anything you put out! If you don't want to have to maintain a bunch of boxes, please consider putting a box out for 3 months at a time. This way, you only have one box to maintain and you can reuse the logbook and box if you wish for your next plant! Last but not least, go plant! I'm looking forward to a bunch of new boxes in Ontario.

I hope you'll join in. Here's the link to the event

See ya.
Big Blue Team