Monday, August 21, 2017

2017 Craft Space Organization Challenge Take 2 ~ Challenge #4

I've finished Challenge #3. How about you?
I'm very lucky because I've done the photo challenge so many times over the years. I always upload my photos to my favourite photo processing site as I go along but I wait for a sale and then order them to be printed. As soon as I pick them up from the store I pop them right into page kits. All done.

How did you decide to sort and store your photos?

If you are ready, here is Challenge #4 . . .

Tools & Adhesives

Gather together all of your tools and adhesives into a box and let's start them!

Sort: one by one, put each item into piles: FAVOURITES, TRASH, TO SELL, STORE, DONATE.

Purge: For the SELL pile: bag up and assign a price and your initials to tools/adhesives that you don't love/use anymore and put them in your garage sale box. Throw out the TRASH pile. Arrange pick-up or drop-off of the DONATE pile.

Assign: Store your most used items in a basket or box or other system right on your desk, within easy reach. Divide the STORE items into categories that make sense to you: cutting tools, pens, punches, templates, etc.

Containerize: This is the time to tidy up your tools. Tools need regular maintenance to keep them efficiently working. As you put your tools away in whatever container (drawers, shelves, boxes, baskets - always ensuring the container is clearly labelled) give them a little maintenance.

scissors - sharpen your scissors using a small scissor sharpener, or have them professionally done. Carefully clean the blades (I like alcohol swabs to remove sticky adhesive)

pens - test pens and throw out the ones that are dry or don't work well.

craft knives - change the blades

trimmers - clean the deck of your trimmers with a damp cloth, and a little cleanser if necessary. Replace dull blades, or cut through fine sandpaper or aluminium foil.

work surface - clean ink, adhesive and paint from the mat.

punches - to prevent punches from sticking, punch through wax paper. Problem punches may need a little lubricating oil such as sewing machine oil, then punch through scrap paper several times to remove oily residue. Dull punches can be sharpened by punching through aluminium foil or fine grade sandpaper (both right side up and upside down)

rubber stamps - stamps should be cleaned after each use, but if there is a build up of ink on your stamps, you should clean them with an alcohol free baby wipe, or paper towels moistened with a mild cleanser (ammonia free/bleach free) Use a soft toothbrush to remove ink stuck in the crevices of a design. Store stamps flat, rubber side down.

Equalize: Once you have a system in place for you tools, putting them back in the same place every time will become a reflex, and you will never have to hunt for you scissors again! Take a couple of minutes at the end of each scrap session to put your tools away.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Top Movies of All Time according to IMDB ~ #9 The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The spaghetti western is an "interesting" genre but my mother always said, if you can't say anything nice you should say nothing at all.  I have nothing to say about The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

No Oscar nominations or wins.  

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Top Movies of All Time according to IMDB ~ #7 Pulp Fiction (1994)

Pulp Fiction (1994)

I'm probably going to rile up a bunch of people with my opinion of this movie.  I absolutely hated it.  I tried to make myself watch it again to properly review it and perhaps give a solid reason why I hated it so much but I just couldn't make myself do it.

A while back my dear hubby and I were at a dinner party with a group which consisted mostly of theatre people and the topic of best and worst movies came up.  When I mentioned that I thought "Pulp Fiction" was one of the worst movies I had every seen they all stared at me like I was a calf with three heads.

So, the other day I decided to watch Pulp Fiction again.  I kept an open mind figuring perhaps I just wasn't understanding the movie.  I lasted about 30 minutes before I shut it off and walked away.  So I guess I must be the three-headed calf.

From IMDB:  

The lives of two mob hit men, a boxer, a gangster's wife, and a pair of diner bandits intertwine in four tales of violence and redemption.

I really don't understand why I don't like it.  I love so many of the actors in it . . . sigh . . . 

Academy Awards, USA 1995

Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen
Quentin Tarantino
Roger Avary

Oscar Best Picture
Lawrence Bender

Best Actor in a Leading Role
John Travolta

Best Actor in a Supporting Role
Samuel L. Jackson

Best Actress in a Supporting Role
Uma Thurman

Best Director
Quentin Tarantino

Best Film Editing
Sally Menke

Monday, August 14, 2017

Top movies of all time according to IMDB ~ #8 The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003)

So here is #8 of the Top Movies of all time according to IMDB:

The Lord of the Rings:  The Return of the King (2003)

These movies are exciting and romantic and violent (but not real graphic violence or I would have had to turn it off) and a story of heroes and evil and the good guy gets to win.  What more can you ask for?  The scenery was STUNNING.  The costumes were incredibly imaginative.  I just can't praise this trilogy enough.  

Stuck inside on a rainy summer day?  This may be the answer.

Academy Awards, USA 2004

Best Picture
Barrie M. Osborne
Peter Jackson
Fran Walsh 
Best Director
Peter Jackson 
Best Writing, Adapted Screenplay
Fran Walsh
Philippa Boyens
Peter Jackson 
Best Film Editing
Jamie Selkirk 
Best Art Direction-Set Decoration
Grant Major (art director)
Dan Hennah (set decorator)
Alan Lee (set decorator) 
Best Costume Design
Ngila Dickson
Richard Taylor 
Best Makeup
Richard Taylor
Peter King 
Best Music, Original Score
Howard Shore 
Best Music, Original Song
Fran Walsh
Howard Shore
Annie Lennox
For the song "Into the West".
Best Sound Mixing
Christopher Boyes
Michael Semanick
Michael Hedges
Hammond Peek 
Best Visual Effects
Jim Rygiel
Joe Letteri
Randall William Cook
Alex Funke 

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Top Movies of All Time according to IMDB - #6 Schindler's List (1993)

Schindler's List (1993)

It is quite simply a movie with a strong central character, Oskar Schindler, who joins the Nazi party with the goal of making his fortune in the war.  Now, I'm not passing judgement because I know that there were people in many other countries willing to make a quick buck from that very same war.  

At first Schindler protects his Jewish workers because it was to his benefit but after witnessing the liquidation of the Krakow ghetto he turns to earnestly saving as many people has he can.

The most poignant moments in the movie involve the little girl in the red dress.  I found an excellent article online about this image at .

Academy Awards 1994

Oscar Best Picture
Steven Spielberg
Gerald R. Molen
Branko Lustig

Best Director
Steven Spielberg

Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material Previously Produced or Published
Steven Zaillian

Best Cinematography
Janusz Kaminski

Best Art Direction-Set Decoration
Allan Starski
Ewa Braun

Best Film Editing
Michael Kahn

Best Music, Original Score
John Williams

Oscar Best Actor in a Leading Role
Liam Neeson

Best Actor in a Supporting Role
Ralph Fiennes

Best Costume Design
Anna B. Sheppard

Best Sound
Andy Nelson
Steve Pederson
Scott Millan
Ron Judkins

Best Makeup
Christina Smith
Matthew W. Mungle
Judith A. Cory

2017 Craft Space Organization Challenge Take 2 ~ Challenge #3

Challenge #3

So, your paper is beautifully organized, your scraps carefully stashed or purged, and your desk is gleaming! I've posted photos in our Facebook group but you are also welcome to post links to your challenge photos as a comment here.

Scrap paper and extra cardstock
I don't save any scraps smaller than 4 x 6"

My patterned papers and cardstocks are the basis for my page kits.  Photos, ephemera, embellishments, sketch ideas are added to the page kits so when I get a chance to scrapbook I am ready to go.

More page kits

Even the photos are in the kits, ready to scrap.

More page kits.  I haven't had a lot of time to scrapbook yet this summer.

This is actually just one page kit.  We took a lovely tour up to Manitoulin Island in June and made many many many stops along the way and took a ridiculous number of photos.  It is a really beautiful part of the world.
I need lots of Christmas and sports supplies because I take a lot of those type of photos.  There are very few single sheets in that box but I want to be able to find them if I am working on cards or paper piecings or a very simple layout.  The family box is also a page kit for my family tree album.
 You are starting to be organized.  Doesn't it make you feel creative? Don't you want to get cropping? Well, you CAN'T scrapbook without PHOTOS!

Our third challenge is to organize our photos. Here is an excellent article to get you thinking about how to organize those precious photos before we S.P.A.C.E. them:

SORT: Gather together all of your photos, and sort them into categories that make sense: TRASH (it's okay to throw out photos with bad colour, expression, composition. Why keep them? You're not going to scrapbook them) TO SCRAPBOOK (the shots you know you are going to use) TO STORE (photos that need to be kept, but aren't necessarily going to be going into your scrapbooks) TO GIVE AWAY (doubles that you want to send to friends and family)

PURGE: Throw out the TRASH pile. Put the TO GIVE AWAY photos in envelopes and mail them to friends/family, or put them in your car so you can drop them off the next time you visit. Do not leave them in your studio, or they will creep back into your organized space.

ASSIGN: Sort the final two groups of photos into a system that makes sense to you:


CONTAINERIZE: Now it's time to decide how you want to store your photos. Perhaps you want to put your TO STORE photos in acid free envelopes or albums. Perhaps you want to put your TO SCRAPBOOK photos into photo storage boxes, or accordion folders.

EQUALIZE: Next time you get new photos from the photo processor, spend a couple of minutes and put the photos where they belong: throw out the bad shots, give away the extras, put the keepers away in their album, and sort your photos for scrapbooking into their container.

2017 Craft Space Organization Challenge Take 2 ~ Challenge #2

Challenge #2

Image result for piles of scrapbooking paper

How did you make out with last week's challenge? Did you find your work table?

I managed to get all of my tables cleared and scrubbed. I've posted photos in our Facebook group but you are also welcome to post links to your challenge photos as a comment here.

We have started a Facebook group as a place for us to share photos, accomplishments, encouragement, tips and tricks as we work through the 2017 Craft Space Organization Challenge.

Here is this week's challenge:

Your challenge this week is to S.P.A.C.E. your paper - - and I mean ALL of your paper: cardstock, patterned paper, specialty papers, and all those SCRAPS!

SORT: Bring all of your paper to one area. Sort it all into piles: KEEP, SELL, DONATE, TRASH

PURGE: bag up, and assign a price to paper bundles that you want to SELL at a garage sale or online, and put the bags in the garage sale box. Throw out the TRASH pile. Bag up the DONATE pile and immediately make arrangements for drop-off/pick-up or put in your vehicle.

ASSIGN: separate your paper into categories that make sense to you. For example, you may want to divide it simply into cardstock and patterned paper. If you have a huge stash of paper, you may want to divide it by colour, theme, or manufacturer.

Another way to sort your paper is in page kits. Package matching patterned papers in a zip lock or similar bag, add matching cardstocks and embellishments to create kits.

CONTAINERIZE: store you paper in a way that makes sense to you:

- vertical paper holders
- hanging vertical file folders
- wire cubes
- paper trays
- paper organizers
- bookcases with adjustable shelves

Click here to see lots of different storage ideas.

EQUALIZE: each time you finish a scrap session, return from a crop, or bring home new papers, spend a few minutes putting your paper away where it belongs.