Saturday, May 15, 2021

Canadian Music ~ Basia Bulat


Barbara Josephine Bulat (born April 13, 1984), known as Basia Bulat is a Canadian folk singer-songwriter. She is known for performing with an autoharp.

Bulat grew up in Etobicoke, Ontario where her mother was a music teacher who taught piano and guitar. She has said the radio at home was permanently tuned to an oldies station. "I don't think I realised the radio had more than one station until I was 11 or 12," she says.

She attended the University of Western Ontario where she received a degree in English; she also took some classes with Olenka Krakus of the band Olenka and the Autumn Lovers. Bulat began an MA in English at Western in 2006 but moved to Montreal to record "an audible memory" of her time there which resulted in her debut album.

Although Bulat no longer lives in London, Ontario, she has recognized the importance of London in establishing her career: "London has always been so supportive of me. I feel like the city really adopted me," she says. "It wasn't part of a larger commercial music industry but a small, close-knit scene, which was kind of nice."

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