Thursday, May 6, 2021

101 Interesting Facts About Canada ~ The Tallest Waterfall

Brace yourself: British Columbia's Della Falls is the highest waterfall in Canada, with an astonishing 440-meter (that's 1,440 feet) drop. Located on Vancouver Island, Della Falls is undoubtedly spectacular - but it's also tricky to get to.

First thing's first: head to Strathcona Provincial Park and make your way to Great Central Lake. Next, you'll have to cross the lake - it's about 33 kilometers to the trailhead. You can either book a trip on a water taxi or propel yourself across by canoe or kayak. The former is easier, but the latter is cheaper - and there is a rack for storing canoes and kayaks by the trailhead.

Ready to hike? Good! At 29 kilometers in length return (or more, if you take a few side trips to enjoy the other attractions along the way), this is a trail geared towards experienced and adventurous hikers. It takes most people three days to complete the hike, so you'll need to plan ahead in terms of gear.

Other than booking and paying for the water taxi, there are no reservations or permits needed to take this trip. Having said that, the prime time to visit the falls in in July: in mid-summer, the glacial runoff is at an all-time high, and the falls look their best.

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